About Pawstruck

  • Are you hiring? Where can I apply for a job with Pawstruck?

    We are so happy to hear that you want to be part of our office pack! To sniff out any open positions you can check HERE! Don't see a job that makes you bark for joy? Sign up for future job notifications! 🐶 🦴
  • Can you tell me more about Tyson?

    We sure can! Tyson is our Chief Canine Officer here are Pawstruck! As Chief Canine Officer, he is in charge of a ton of REALLY important things like taste-testing new products, keeping the office pack in line, chatting with customers, and writing up My Weekly Pupdate for our email newsletter. Wan...
  • Does Pawstruck have a blog!?!

    We sure do! We love barking helpful articles and information with our Pawstruck Pack! You can find The Pawstruck Press and all the treats it has to offer HERE! 🐶  👩‍💻
  • What does your Carbon Pawprint look like?

    We feel socially responsible for the environment and have taken steps to lessen our carbon pawprint. Since our inception, we have implemented various policies and processes throughout our business to help reduce waste and to minimize our energy usage. As our company grows, we pledge to continue t...