Product Questions

  • Are Bully Sticks stretched before cooking?

    Nope. Our bully sticks are unaltered and simply cleaned and roasted.
  • Are Your Bully Sticks Irradiated?

    The bulls used in our bully sticks are both hormone and antibiotic-free and not treated with irradiation. Our bully sticks come from grass-fed, free-range cattle. As well, our bully sticks are not irradiated. Just like the rest of our bully sticks, these tough guys are completely all-natural and ...
  • Are your white bones and filled white bones real bone?

    Yes, all of our bones are 100% all-natural beef bones that have been sourced from cattle that are raised in the USA! 🐶 🇺🇸
  • How do you clean bully items?

    No chemicals or treatments are used on our bully products, those are sourced from all-natural, hormone-free, grass-fed cattle. They are simply cleaned with hot water and roasted before being packed up shipped out to your pack!
  • How Many Bully Sticks Can I Feed My Dog A Day?

    The exact number of Bully Sticks you would be able to feed your dog is dependent on many factors such as weight, size, and current diet. For a specific recommendation, it is always best to first ask your vet as they know your dog's nutritional needs best. That being said, one Bully Stick a day is...
  • How many Bully Sticks in a 1lb bag?

    At this time, we do not count the number of sticks in each bag or have an average amount per bag, the 1lb bag will have a varying thickness of sticks inside, it could be anything from our small thickness to our XL thickness, so there is always something new for your pup. You will always get exact...
  • My dog is allergic to chicken. Is there any chicken in the Daily Dental Brush chews?

    Our Daily Dental Brush Chews are made with super yummy, healthy limited ingredients. However, one of those ingredients is chicken. We suggest checking out our Bully Sticks, Yak Chews, or Animal Ears as none of them contain chicken.
  • Out Of Stock Items

    Due to disruptions in supply chains due to Covid19 restraints, shipping routes across the US are currently experiencing extreme delays due to international trade disputes. We are doing our best to get those back in however, we do not have a specific date as to when those will be back in stock.
  • What animal type of antlers are used and what grade are they?

    For our antlers, we use naturally shed deer and elk antlers that are sourced from the wild game in Canada. All of our antlers are grade "A" antlers.
  • Where Are Your Pawstruck Bully Sticks Made?

    Our natural bully sticks come from free-range, grass-fed South American cattle which is some of the highest quality cattle available! You can rest assured knowing that our bully sticks are completely digestible and are not sourced from China or other countries where quality and safety can’t be gu...
  • Where Can I Find Nutritional Information On Product Pages?

    Additional Information, such as nutritional facts, is available in the description portion of the product page.
  • Where is Paraguay and are products from there safe?

    Paraguay is in Central South America, North West of Argentina, and South East of Brazil. All products from Paraguay are totally safe for your pack and processed with standards that meet or exceed US standards.
  • You have so many products, is there a place where I can see reviews for all of them at once?

    YES! With so many amazing products we know it can be hard to look at reviews for more than one item by going from page to page. Our Office Pack has put together a page of just reviews! (12,495 reviews to be exact!) You can find those HERE! 🐶 🦴 ⭐️